Q-Photonix distributes Pacific Lasertec HeNe-Lasers

We are proud to announce that Q-Photonix distributes Pacific Lasertec HeNe tubes for customers in Europe and UK. Pacific Lasertec is the restart of the Melles Griot HeNe manufacturing, which has been discontinued by their parent company due to a strategic shift. The new company has acquired all manufacturing equipment, inventory, product designs and supply chain contacts from Melles Griot, and the key employees have also joined.  The entire portfolio will continue to be offered, and all part numbers and regulatory certifications will remain unchanged.

Q-Photonix will ensure that customers in Europe will be able to get the highest performance HeNe-lasers for their applications based on the solid design, the existing manufacturing infrastructure, and the product expertise of the key employees of the former market leader.

For more details on Pacific Lasertec please visit www.pacificlasertec.com

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